Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bacaan kosong

Assalamualaikum, lama plak tak tulis dekat blog ni, masa aku surf tetibe aku terbaca 1 artikel yang agak menarik, cuba check


apparently, kalau kita kerja kat america, gaji dalam USD40,000, convert Malaysia, RM150,000 sebulan, pergh setiap bulan aku boleh beli RX8 iadaman aku, lagipun kereta RX8 kat sana maybe USD20,000, boleh gak usyar corvette atau Cadillac yang tak mungkin ada kat malaysia, ah melebih plak

Dekat jobs DB ngn jobs street memang bnyk iklan kerja kosong untuk course kita, tu tak kira kerja kosong dekat syarikat kecik kecil lagi,
what i'm saying is, to junior, jangan riso pasal course ni, senior yang dah kuar pun aku dengar sume ada keje,

so pape hal, study dulu, jgn riso pasal keje, rezeki tuhan dekat memana saje, tak semestinya kuar engineer kena jadi engineer, kalau tak Boon Siew tu dari jual ikan kat pasar mcm mana cukup duit nak beli Langkawi? Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhari dari jual beras jadi Billionaire,

so pikir pikirkan dan selamat beramal....


  1. heee..betul2..stado,eh stadi dlu...ngenge..

  2. Tapi kena lama ler dlm field tu...8 years bukannya kejap.....awal2 mmg ciput (semua field mcm g2 (except kalo kerja ngan GOV kot)...
    Salary Data
    Median (with eight years in the field): $49,000

    25th to 75th percentile (with eight or more years of experience): $46,100-$63,400

    - kena ada certificate ler plak...kalo FKBSK ada collaboration ngan sesetengah company/badan yg dpt kuarkan sijil yg related sket2 ngan biomedic lg ada nilai kot graduan yg dimanufacturedkan w'pun sekadar sijil calibrate pipette (can ask SIRIM la bout this things)...

    kalo dpt attach ngan Flinders Biomedical lg bernilai kot..

    juz bg pendapat kalo nak kaya, jgn kerja ngan org selamanya...buka bisnes sdri...

    pasaran still luas..FKBSK bila nak buka tender ek?

    Note: If you're employed by an equipment manufacturer and you hold the appropriate specialty certification, your salary can exceed $90,000.

  3. suka atau tidak..mncari pekerjaan adalah satu hal yg smestinya perlu drisaukn sbnarnya.....byk kwn2 aku yg degree holder skrg tpi masih bkerja bukan dlm bidang utk bkerja dlm field lain...i wish the best of luck to everyone especially yg bakal kluar..amiiinnnn

  4. ni ak ade terbaca komen dr org yg bace post 2..nmpkny kte nye pnulis blog ni xbace spenuhny...nmpk da white side je...adoi..hmmm...

    Truth told the average BMET will never work on the PET or even MRI. Most of the BMET's that I have worked with have never even touched an x-ray machine. Most days are filled with routine tasks and a lot of political dealings followed by brief bouts of high stress.

    Don't get me wrong I like my career choice but I think that the field is being saturated with disillusioned people that believe they will come out of school making $45,000.00 yearly, work repairing equipment 8hrs with piers and have their free time. The truth is that the field is small meaning moving to find a job is almost a guarantee, shops are small, and call is frequent. A lot of shops are one man and require you to pull call in your off time. Sometimes call is paid, sometimes not and while you may only be called occasionally the potential of a call will alter the activities allowed depending on response time.

    I personally know of two persons to enter the Biomedical field after training to only leave it a year to a year and a half after seeing that it was not all they were told it would be. Unfortunately Biomed third parties that pay a decent salary in exchange for your soul scoop many up. They run them into the ground covering three to four single man accounts that are miles apart.

    I did not intend to be the sync here but play devil's advocate a bit just to show that it does have a dark side as any career field does. Do your homework if your thinking about entering the field and don't buy the sales pitch a school looking to get your tuition money my feed you.

    Best of luck to all that will come, all that have gone, and have mercy on those of us still here.


    BMET 12+ years

    "You can't fix stupid"